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We are connectors, innovators and venture builders

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BIG carries a unique heritage in consulting, innovation and education through its affiliate company – IXL Center and its founders

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We play global

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We think BIG

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We have skin on the game

We help our clients to look beyond their boundaries and get connected to the world because we believe high impact growth is about breaking the barriers

We help our clients to find their next big idea because we believe only robust and innovative ideas can deliver high impact value and sustainable growth

We don’t just point our clients in the right direction, we hand deliver them there because we believe they need the best team to make the unknown real


Why us

Our proven success experience shows that we know how to get results

Our global breath helps organizations to move faster 
and bolder

Our tailor made approach decreases complexity, 
risks and costs

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• Design & Approach 
• Methodologies
• Frameworks and Tools 
• Management systems

Our intellectual propriety and capabilities allow us to deliver unique solutions

• Presence
• Teams
• Partners
• Ecosystem

• Legacy
• Global track record 
• Local track record
• Diversity of projects

• Business platform global
• One stop shop
• Turn key solutions
• One single point of contact

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